Talk to your Hairdresser

Instead of burying your head in a magazine or phone, when your hairdresser attempts to make small talk, make an effort to engage in conversation - you just never know what shared interests you have!

Notice Trouble

Notice when someone is down and try to brighten their day. Or, if they are in difficulty, give your time and energy to listen and, if appropriate, offer advice/help.

Create Vouchers

Create personal vouchers for friends and family to cash in when they need you to do something. For example, chores, babysitting, DIY, etc. Or, if you are feeling extravagant, for something further afield like a day trip.

Give Theme Hampers

For example, give a "sunshine" hamper containing all things yellow to someone who is feeling down. Or a "movie" box containing a online streaming voucher or DVD, popcorn and sweets to a couple of who can't easily get to the cinema. Or a "chocolate hamper" containing unusual chocolate to your chocoholic friend. Or the more traditional... Continue Reading →

Be the Social Facilitator

Be that person who takes the time to organise social events to get people together. Whether it's a simple "hey does anyone fancy doing something on Tuesday...?" to hosting a BBQ, or a more formal event perhaps for people at work.

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