Make Friends

Treat everyone you interact with as though you are already friends. With such a welcoming approach you just never know who you might connect with, and really become your friend. Start friendly conversations with people you do not know and be kind even when your first instinct is not to be.

Look To The Stars

The next time you feel emotional, look up to the stars and try to put it in some perspective and connect with the natural world. Is it really that important? Will you remember it a year from now? Did the person who upset you do it intentionally?

Look for the Good

Look for the good in everyone, even when they frustrate you. Notice their strengths and be kind when your first instinct is to be unkind or criticise - say something positive instead.

Thank Your Parents

Thank your parents for everything they have done for you and tell them you love them. Most children do not realise how much their parents give up for them.

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