Water Office Plants

Not many people think to water office plants! Be the person who goes around with the watering can every now again, especially in a hot office or one with air conditioning.

Help Workmates

If you see a work colleague struggling, take a few minutes to give them some words of encouragement and, if needed, to help them. Everyone is busy, but we have all struggled at some point in our work, and it is such a relief when someone notices and lends a hand. Just a few minutes... Continue Reading →

Show Appreciation

If an emergency vehicle is blocking you in, don't be grumpy about it. Be grateful that you didn't need them and show your appreciation for what they do and go through every day, by leaving a coffee voucher on their windshield.

Make Hot Chocolate

On a cold, rainy day take the ingredients for a luxury hot chocolate into the office - a good hot chocolate mix, squirty cream, chocolate sauce and marshmallows - and make everyone a cup to cheer them up.

Appreciate the Boss

Thank your boss for giving you a job, tell them how much you like working for them and how much you’ve learned from them over the years. They probably do not often receive positive feedback.

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