Keep Good Company

Invite someone over who would otherwise be alone and do something playful, just for the fun of it, rediscover a fun childhood activity or watch something funny.

Talk Positively

Say something positive to everyone you meet, respond positively to them, smile, show an active interest in them and try to brighten their day.

Check On the Elderly

If there are elderly people in your neighbourhood who live alone, check in on them occasionally. Ask if there are errands you can do for them, for example is anything they need when you are heading to the supermarket etc. If they are lonely arrange to spend some time with them - even just a... Continue Reading →

Help with IT

Help an elderly relative learn how to use a computer, tablet or smartphone. Talk to them about scams so they are more savvy. A lot of elderly people can also feel isolated and separated from their families - a gap a computer and social media could help overcome.

Do Not Compare

Do not compare yourself to others. We are all on our own journey and fighting our own battles. We are all good at different things with different ambitions, motivations and priorities.

Speak to a Stranger

Make an effort to have a friendly chat with a stranger - perhaps someone in a queue, someone you are sat next to in a cafe or on a bus, etc. Say hello to someone you see regularly but do not normally talk to.

Leave Notes

Leave positive notes for someone else to find in random places around your home, work and in public. Or in hidden places (like in the middle of a book) where they are least expected, but could really make someone's day.

Don’t Point the Blame

When things go wrong, avoid blaming people, even when you know it was their mistake. Think of the problem as an opportunity, look for new perspectives and find the best way forward, together where possible.

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