Don’t Point the Blame

When things go wrong, avoid blaming people, even when you know it was their mistake. Think of the problem as an opportunity, look for new perspectives and find the best way forward, together where possible.

Be Creative

Use one of your strengths in a creative way - cook, draw, write, paint or make something - for someone who is going through a rough time.

Get Some Sleep

Do yourself (and everyone you will be around tomorrow) a favour and get a good night's sleep. Put away electronic gadgets 30 minutes before bed, make sleep a priority and try to go to bed at the same time to create a routine.


Ask someone how they are and really listen to their reply. Turn your phone off and give them your full attention. Let them talk without butting in, feel their emotion and respond to what they are really saying.

Make Friends

Treat everyone you interact with as though you are already friends. With such a welcoming approach you just never know who you might connect with, and really become your friend. Start friendly conversations with people you do not know and be kind even when your first instinct is not to be.

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