Tidy Neglected Graves

Tidy overlooked grave sites - clean the headstone, cut back weeds, etc. I always take an extra bunch of flowers to put on a random grave that looks like it is no longer visited.

Dedicate a Bench

I always enjoy reading bench plaques and imagining what the named the person (or people) was like. Benches aren't just dedicated for people who are no longer alive though, you can also name them for special occasions. Dedicating a bench will last a long time and give a welcome resting place for many.

Plant a Tree

Trees are amazing, so it is a shame they are cut down down at such a scary pace. Help turn this around and plant a tree 🌳. Give careful thought about where you are planting it because, hopefully, it will live for many years. When I was a kid I planted a couple of conkers in... Continue Reading →

Give Out Balloons

There is something special about balloons, they connect with our inner child. Buy a bunch of helium balloons, or blow up a bunch of balloons, and walk down the street giving them to random strangers. Watch their faces light up.

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