Keep Good Company

Invite someone over who would otherwise be alone and do something playful, just for the fun of it, rediscover a fun childhood activity or watch something funny.

Start a Book Exchange

Start a book exchange where you work - simply find some shelves in a common area and stock with books you no longer want. Encourage people to contribute their own books or take a book that interests them for free.

Pay for the Book

Take a notebook and pen to a book store. Find a book you love, then write a note saying why and secretly leave it in the book with the cash for someone else to buy and enjoy it.  

Give Theme Hampers

For example, give a "sunshine" hamper containing all things yellow to someone who is feeling down. Or a "movie" box containing a online streaming voucher or DVD, popcorn and sweets to a couple of who can't easily get to the cinema. Or a "chocolate hamper" containing unusual chocolate to your chocoholic friend. Or the more traditional... Continue Reading →

Be the Social Facilitator

Be that person who takes the time to organise social events to get people together. Whether it's a simple "hey does anyone fancy doing something on Tuesday...?" to hosting a BBQ, or a more formal event perhaps for people at work.

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