Elephant Prosthetic

When an elephant called Motala stepped on a land mine, her human friends made her a series of temporary prosthetic legs before building a permanent one. Read the full story here.

Pile of Puppies

There is an amazing company called "Pile of Puppies" who offer a free experience to surround chronically/terminally ill children with, literally, a pile of puppies. Currently only available in the USA, I hope they will set this up in the UK soon. And that they do annual memberships... 🐕

In Memory of Phoebe

From Buzz Feed - when Phoebe passed away her owners placed a bucket on the beach filled with tennis balls for other dogs, with a poignant reminder to owners to enjoy the time they have with their canine companions.

Donate, donate, donate…

This is a big topic! It doesn't have to be money. Have you ever head the phrase "one man's trash is another's treasure"? Usually someone could use something someone else is about to discard. All you need is imagination Charity shops Animal shelters Blood - donate blood Food - set up a food donation box... Continue Reading →

Support Your Local Animal Shelter

I volunteered for two years at an animal sanctuary, a fantastic experience where I cared for animals from baby hedgehogs to horses. If you cannot commit to volunteering, animal shelters are always grateful to receive animal food, blankets, toys etc. Our shelter also frequently ran fundraising events and were always looking for ad hoc help... Continue Reading →

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