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Cruelty is so often publicised in the news, it is easy to forget there are billions of good people out there, doing kind things for others.

The world isn’t easy. Social media can isolate people, TV means people socialise less. Our communities are getting smaller and segregating. It is easy to focus on ourselves, help ourselves and be selfish. But it is important to stay positive and do our bit to bring a little happiness into the world.

I always enjoy volunteering, have done for over ten years, but two concepts really caught my mind these last few years – Random Acts of Kindness and Paying It Forward. Touching moments that remind us many people care for others, and show it in thousands of different ways every day. Some are grand gestures, others low-key. Some are fleeting, others last longer. But they all have one thing in common – they all have a positive impact on the recipient.

This is my happy place – when something bad happens and I wonder what is wrong with the world, I look here to remind myself there is still good in humanity. Most people are humble in doing acts of kindness and expect nothing in return, so this is my way of recognising those unsung heroes and inspire everyone to pay it forward.

My inspiration was my Nan, who lived a very altruistic life. As a child I remember helping her Woman’s Voluntary Service group collect, clean and bundle clothes for the homeless and people who couldn’t afford them. So it is only fitting I start this blog on the anniversary of her death, 13 years ago.

My Nan My Nan

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