Snow Day

In southern England we are not used to snow, so when it falls heavily we are not prepared. It fell thick and fast one weekday evening, and settled. I was watching a busy main road and wondering why the traffic was crawling so slowly, causing gridlock. So went for a walk.

It soon became apparent – vehicles were struggling to get up the hill. It wasn’t a big hill, but long and sloped enough cars couldn’t get traction and were getting stuck or sliding back down. But something amazing happened – a few pedestrians stopped to help push the cars up the hill.

In dark, freezing, snowy conditions, these people were still willing to go out of their way to help others. And, even more amazingly, more people were joining them to help.

That evening, over four hours, a dozen of us pushed 50 cars up that hill (many more made it by themselves) and, with the help of two 4×4 drivers, also rescued two stranded articulated lorries.



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